Identify in Which Competencies Your Employees Stand Out by Leveraging the Collective Knowledge of Your Team


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What is TeamExperts?

TeamExperts is a tool that allows you to identify the competencies that stand out the most among your employees through simple surveys, asking just 1 question to teammates who work directly with the evaluated employee.

​These questions are customizable and registered by the administrator to ensure that they add value to your business.

In addition, by including gamification, users are encouraged to evaluate their colleagues.

How Does TeamExperts Work?

​TeamExperts conducts non-intrusive evaluations among employees who work directly with the evaluated person.

Through surveys personalized by the administrator, you can discover the most outstanding values of your employees based on the evaluations carried out among their colleagues. In addition, employees find out in which competencies their colleagues think they excel, allowing them to self-evaluate and implement the appropriate improvements in their day-to-day work.

TeamExperts Consists of…

Employee Portal

Personal Information and Evaluation Data

All employees have access to a portal where they can find their personal information and data related to evaluations sent and received.

They can also answer surveys of users they are connected to and evaluate surveys previously defined by the administrator. They can even request an evaluation of a specific survey from a particular colleague.

Colleague Evaluation Survey

Analysis of Results

In this section, employees can see the evaluations received and identify where they stand out in the surveys.

Employees can also find a summary of what other colleagues have evaluated in a given survey. In no case will the identity of the employee who completed the evaluation be disclosed, for compliance and ethical reasons.

Identify in Which Competencies Your Employees Stand Out by Leveraging the Collective Knowledge of Your Team​

TeamExperts Also Consists Of…

Administrator Portal

Manage Surveys and Analyze Evaluations

This portal is designed to manage active employee surveys and analyze the evaluations obtained from active surveys across your organization.

This portal allows you to:

  • Easily launch surveys with their response options and configure them.
  • Analyze the results of the surveys answered by the team.
  • Manage
  • Configure the application: sending emails, language preference, administrators, etc.

Launch Surveys

Thanks to its easy and intuitive interface, TeamExperts allows the administrator to create new surveys and publish them so that the algorithm connects the corresponding employees and asks each of them about the survey.

Analyze Results

TeamExperts has an analysis section that allows companies to learn about the most outstanding values among their employees.

To maintain and ensure employee privacy, data will never be analyzed at a personal level, but at an aggregated level for each of the surveys.

Why Should You Choose TeamExperts for Your Organization?

Encourages Your Employees to​ Self-Evaluate

Employees know what they excel at or what they need to improve very simply and subtly so as not to hurt their feelings.

Empowers HR

Facilitates awareness of what your employees think of each other and drives certain attitudes.

Fun and Easy to Use

Thanks to including gamification as a reward element when evaluating colleagues, answering surveys is fun for employees.

Benefits of Introducing TeamExperts in Your Organization

Find out differently what your employees think.

Users play while adding value to their colleagues and the company.

Introduce la gamificación dentro de la cultura empresarial.

Los usuarios se autoevalúan ellos mismos con lo que piensan los demás​.

Get insight into what is going on among your company’s teams, leaders, and employees.

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